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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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right now on eyewitness news this morning fight for recess has reached tallahassee. a group of moms will push today for more play how much time you trying to recover kids across the state. 4 days since an inmate escaped the 2 with a woman and child the was marshals are involved in details about the search this morning. 5 am tuesday 5 am tuesday, january 26. >> we check whether and traffic every 10 minutes. tran40 with the commute but first let's get started with
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>> cool but mild. >> let's get you started as temperatures hover around 50 degrees in the locations a mix of 40s and 50s along the coast and more and daytona beach 52 orlando, sanford ocala the villages at 50 in winds a very light. whatever wind we will have will be out of the north with a will start to swing out of the east and southeast later in the day. the skies are relatively cloudy now but the clouds will thicken afternoon. i want to take you to the gulf of mexico that is the beginning system that will move in after midnight. in orange county, today than 2 or elementary mild for recess they could get away with long sleeves and maybe windbreaker in the afternoon but no rain threats with highs in the lower 70s. come back in less than 10 minutes. timing the beginning of the rain working with the storm
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when you will need your umbrella's when we come back in less than 10 minutes. 5:01 am here's the first check of the tuesday driver deneige. >> issues on i-4 eastbound heading into volusia county. pulling up our cameras 1792, it looks like they may have reopened one lane of traffic but i believe it is still closed a fatal crash on st. john's river bridge overnight. at this point i will say get on eastbound at debary avenue derksen drive. i will update you in 10 minutes if you have reopened the legs. a crash in osceola county, st. cloud, deer park rd., us 1 i 2. a crash there lack -- blocking part of the road the battle for more time on the playground. it will go to the capital today. later this morning moms will ask lawmakers to make recess mandatory at elementary school's. >> kimberly eiten is following movement from orange county in tallahassee. local moms say kids are counting on them. >> -- >> reporter: 9 am, moms will
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the playground part of school schedule. they are fighting for mandatory 20 minutes of recesses a other parents and teachers are on their side. in just hours, moms will face lawmakers to fight for students across the state. >> we need the bill to pass. >> reporter: heather is a mother of 2 in a supporter of the recess movement. she's in tallahassee this morning to speak before state representatives about making recess mandatory at elementary school's. >> there's a lot of weight on our shoulders now. >> reporter: the bill will require schools to make recess a part of the daily schedule. last year resolution passed in orange county recommending recess. local moms now want lawmakers to take that further and require a 20 minute break every day. >> you cannot expect small children to sit for 6 hours without a break we as adults don't do that research and educators are on their side. but whether or not lawmakers will get behind the movement could be decided this warm it
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and we will beside this -- we will bring an update on eyewitness news and appeared looking into why lawmakers say passing the bill could come at a cost to schools. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. developing in marion county deputies are investigating a homicide after a woman found dead inside her home. we told you about this as they seek -- breaking news last night at 11. deputies were called to a home on northwest u.s. highway 2:25 am ocala. they say a family member found the body of 57-year-old woman. they are collecting evidence and interviewing the -- those closest to the victim. we will bring you updates on our mobile app we as city and county leaders what they plan to do after nearly 100 homeless people sleeping outside of a government building. they say it is the city's
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city leaders tell us they were doing everything they can. we would that we were in the city. yesterday. >> we want as a community to help to offer them a solution to their problem but they have to be willing to accept it . >> some homeless tell us they are staying put until there is a permanent shelter in place, not temporary one. the city meets next week on what to do next and the mayor hopes to meet with county leaders next friday. u.s. marshals are now searching for the inmate who escaped a work release program. >> following this search for gary bullock, his girlfriend and her 3-year-old son of 4 days. eyewitness news this morning janai norman joins us live. he escaped by cutting off his gps monitor. >> that's how law enforcement quickly learned about the escape. after 3 days of not finding bullock, u.s. marshals are now
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. volusia county deputies have been running down leads trying to find gary bullock. they say it is an investigative search, not a massive ground search but so far it has turned up nothing. bullock was about 5 years into a 8 year prison sentence for burglary, grand theft and armed robbery. investigators say he was only a few months away from completing a work release program when his 24-year-old girlfriend natasha quickly allegedly stole a gun and money from her dad to help bullock escape. before they disappeared, she grabbed her 3-year-old son. we found out in amber alert has not been issue because the child is with his mom and was not adopted by a stranger. >> dependent on what explanation she comes up with, i suspect she is going to be facing prison time. >> we spoke with our wftv legal analyst about how the escape will impact looks time in prison once he is caught. i will explain the additional time plus the time he could
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we are asking how the convicted burglar was on work release anyway. the couple by sharing their picture on facebook. go to slash wftv. new this morning, in amber alert has been issued and in indian river county for 2 in fellsmere. the 4-year-old, 1-year-old baby with her parents. vero beach say gomez is wanted for first-degree murder. body camera video shows what happened moments before in orlando police officer opened fire when he stopped a 17-year- violation. the incident happened on north lane last week. officer banged on the car window was 17-year-old lemans refused to stop the car. according to a report, when officer believed the vehicle was headed for officer mills. seconds later mills fired 4
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tried to take off. >> lemans was shot but kept driving until he crashed into a vacant home. it was not seriously injured. he's facing 3 felony charges, though. officer mills is on paid leave. while fdle in this case a shooting to determine if it was legally justified which is standard procedure. seminole county, deputy say they are looking for the man breaking into residence cars and homes. let's go said this man stole garage door openers from cars near county road 4 19. they say he is the openers to get into at least number 2 garages of the weekend. we spoke with homeowner to say they have already preprogrammed the garage door openers. orange county commissioners are expected to discuss problems with guards are -- garbage pickup. we found the neighborhood has not had trash pickup and weeks. windemere residents say at
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committee have been forgotten. residents say they do not have room to fit their trash in their bins. we will let you know what commissioners have to say on the issue darting at eyewitness news at noon students and volusia county may have a new dress code. leaders are set to vote on a new policy today. if approved students will be required to wear long or short sleeve white oxford shirts and black denim pants. rest code taking effect march 1. will not be enforced until the beginning of next school year. today state lawmakers valonda bill to protect churches and pastors from legal action if they refuse to perform same-sex weddings. this comes after the u.s. open court legalized same-sex marriage last summer. a similar bill protecting religious institutions of florida plast -- passed last year. 5:10 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , certified meteorologist justin mcraney in severe weather center 9. we have warmer changes . >> temperatures are starting in the 50s. i suggest the windbreaker or life jacket early this morning.
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whatever is out there will make it feel cool. visibility is good as winds swing out of the east southeast i will keep an eye on that. low visibility sanford at 5 miles. so we are going to have a dry day but we will see the clouds building back in and you can see the southerly component. showers may be trying to develop along the coastline and at midnight while the could be a couple of sprinkles here or there, mainly it will be dry. it is not until tomorrow morning as the storm system moves in from the gulf of mexico. we are getting a [ null ] the moisture coming in and we will watch showers and storms break out as early as daybreak tomorrow. it is going to be an early timing to the storms to get going on a wednesday. for friends and kissimmee elementary school, fair clouds but mild afternoon. recess time upper 60s. pickup the kids and temperatures will be in the low 70s. come back and we will time out the storms wednesday is the -- into thursday and look at the impact you can expect in central florida.
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>> i watched them reopen lanes of i-4 eastbound, 1792. the have been blocked off because of a fatal crash overnight. looking good in that area. you can see the traffic actually be able to flow onto the st. john's river bridge. we have an issue and daytona beach i-95 northbound is close right now at i 4 because they're working on bridge construction so traffic will be diverted to williamson boulevard and there you can get back on. answers about a fatal fire in independent living so that facility. what investigators are called to and what the building was missing that could have helped put out the flames. concerns from parents about a plan to relieve overcrowding at metrowest elementary school. push orlando city leaders approved a deal to sell the land -- the land for orlando city soccer stadium but it
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and jamie holmes 5:14 am. alive downtown. of orlando. cool but not as cold as it has been over the last few days big changes coming your way and that could be wet weather later in the week. certified meteorologist justin mcraney will let you know what's going on for the rest of the week. orlando city commissioners approving ago to have the
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payment is for the land with a new stadium is being built a local group is saying not so fast they filed a lawsuit yesterday seeking an injunction to stop the sale claiming the city which took some of the land through eminent domain is now trying to sell the land to a private buyer before they are legally allowed to. >> the people of paramore have lost so much to all of this revitalization in these unkept promises. >> city officials tell us the property in question is not part of the sale to the soccer club so they say the statute cited does not apply. no word on when a judge will rule on this. daytona beach officials have not said what caused the neighbors believe may be linked to the mayor's family. maybe say the father of bayer derek henry lives at this home on magnolia avenue. it caught fire 10:30 am yesterday morning hit a woman who claimed to look at the home could not say what started the fire. and seminole county, one of
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in sanford is still in critical condition. sanford police a 50-year-old virginia farley remains in the hospital one week after the attack. investigators say 5 pit bulls attacked her and 29-year-old richard farley inside their apartment. the dogs also attack to juveniles. all 5 kids were eventually killed by -- dogs were eventually killed by police. numbers show few people expected are signing up for healthcare under the affordable care act. the congressional budget office study says 30,000,000 people are likely to purchase policies that is down 8 million from estimates early last year. a bill to speed up lab testing of dna evidence including sexual assault kits is making some progress in the state legislative it the seminole -- senate criminal justice committee passed the bill. there's more than 113,000 kids still waiting to be tested across florida. the bill now moves on to state senate. some of the families of the el faro tragedy will get part of a $5 million settlement.
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maritime will pay $500,000 each as a settlement in a negative lawsuit. it sank last october after leaving from jacksonville. 33 people on board the ship and the other families did not file a lawsuit. we know an electrical problem caused a sunrail train to get stuck on the tracks. skywitness 9 flew over the train that got stuck in holden avenue yesterday morning a 2nd lost engine power into altamonte springs. trepidation fizzles canceled 3 round trip because of delay and 3rd delay because of lack of staff. trains running and 9 am. matlen city leaders will make a final decision on a controversial retention pond next month it this is a big deal for the city of maitland. last month city leaders decided to push back the boat and developers want to take out the city's last orange grove to build a new retail shopping plaza. >> if approved developers say they would need a retention
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plans would use more than 3 acres of lake charity's wetlands. a florida lottery set a new sales record thank to the record-breaking powerball. so far this month lottery officials say sales i've already surpassed $600 million for nearly $240 million came from powerball, 40 percent of that will go on to education. 5:17 am. it is cool, not crazy cold. >> you like something i said. >> write that down. >> market on the calendar. >> you may not like what i had for tomorrow. >> great. >> another el nio storm system. you want to say weather aware tomorrow that it will be mild today. temperatures starting off this morning right around 50 degrees. areas will fall into the upper 40s, before bottoming out at sunrise. melbourne 52, winds light for today. they start out of the north but eventually swing out of the southeast. it will pull and milder air as i take you through tuesday.
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already in those clouds will only taken up ahead of the snack storm system. you can see the line of showers and storms with that cold front and area of low pressure will -- will try to form along this and that's part of the el nio's system, the train of storms. dry today but you will start to see at least a possibility of a sprinkle off the coast line and in the clouds really thicken up by midnight and heading overnight, that is when the rain begins to enter the picture. forget the 50s for highs today. will will replace them with daytime highs mainly in the upper 60s to low 70s. going above average in most locations today. winter haven 76 clermont 74. orange county mostly cloudy and in the afternoon you may want your windbreaker just in case. conway millennia toward downtown galena park 75 winter park ocoee 75 so what apopka coming in at 73. daybreak tomorrow, the showers and storms will begin to develop so early tomorrow, brian shields and i will track what could be very stormy weather by 7 am especially in
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osceola brevard counties and they will try to lift up to the north as we go through the remainder of the morning and into the early afternoon. 1:00, this is going to be huge swath of rain with embedded storms and we will have to watch for potential for strong to severe storms as well. and the first wave moving away as we go through the evening hours but it will be wet wednesday night and thursday morning. for the darker green and that includes the metro orlando area to the south, we have a low risk for severe weather for tomorrow and the main threats will be winds of over what -- 50 miles an hour cannot rule out an isolated tornado as well a storms will be got sure we will have rotation obviously someone to -- something to watch. it will be wet and ears have nearly 1 inch of rain. download our wftv weather app for five-day forecast, right -- live radar and alerts. went story tomorrow, rain lingering thursday cooler, drier weather for the weekend
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>> orange county fire rescue got on scene of i-4 westbound right at san lake road and in the last few minutes they had started to block off lanes because of the crash so keep that in mind you will see them if you are leaving the house heading in that direction and i- 95 northbound is closed at i 4 daytona beach because crews are working on a bridge so traffic will be detoured to williamson boulevard and i will let you jamie? a mother says she had to take a vehicle. >> i was yelling my kids were in the car. >> she was able to fight them off a protector children. >> recess will be a hot topic today in tallahassee.
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5:24 am. florida state university will play almost $1 million to settle a lawsuit with a woman who said she was raped by former star quarterback jameis winston. university will pay erika kinsmann $250,000 and her attorneys will get $700,000 weston now the starting
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bucs denied kinsmann's allegation i was never charged with a crime. fsu cleared him of any wrongdoing in florida state says the settlement will avoid spending millions to defend the lawsuit. tourism officials making a push to attract a new kind of visitor to central florida. florida hospital hosted a conference yesterday to discuss ways to grow medical tourism. people who travel to central florida to get specialized medical treatments. at the same time families can visit the attractions. officials say orlando has have they needed to become a global leader in medical tourism. >> unit facilities, fantastic physicians, tools, trials and intersection of hospitality. can you think of a better place than orlando? >> the state is also considering marketing florida as a medical decimation pickers downtown orlando is also seeing an increase in tourism. the downtown orlando information center says they have seen a 6 percent increase in the number of visitors in recent years. 40 percent are international tourists. tours offered every week and
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attracting visitors to the downtown area. covering orange county met parents are worried about plans to deal with overcrowding in metrowest elementary school. >> district officials want to transfer half of the superstore brand-new school. many people who live nearby say there is not enough room for a new school and traffic will become a nightmare. district hope to have a new school open next year. osceola county father and son have brought their potential political careers to a halt. >> the accusations against the father that caused them to pull out of their respective races. and lawmakers in local moms will show down at the capital this morning over time out on the playground. the concerned amendatory recess could come at a cost for school districts. milder start to the mortgage temperatures starting in the low 50s. coming up will track a nice afternoon with the timing of
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